The Company


Professionalism, experience and passion
since 1966

Omniatech: new name, new logo; desire for modernization and sign of continuity, to enhance the solid foundations built so far, preserve the DNA of a company born in 1966 and projected into a new dimension of strength and ambition.

The company manufactures electromechanical systems, air conditioning systems, energy saving, data transmission, TV - SAT, fire detection, alarm systems, security and automation; it is also specialized in the "turnkey" realization of medium / large surfaces for exhibition and retail use for many famous Italian brands.

Due to its technical department for technological desing, Omniatech is a qualified, experienced and efficient partner able to ensure high-tech performances.

As "System Integrator", Omniatech has been dealing with the "building management" for more than twenty years: it designs regulation and supervision systems aimed at plants optimization.